The Neutralizer
The Neutralizer

The Neutralizer

Neutralizes up to 375m3

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The Neutralizer Professional Odour Eliminator Kit
The Neutralizer has been developed by Aromastar who specialize in professional neutralizing fragrances.  The Neutralizer works by generating a molecule distilled from essential oils extracted from flowers, plants and fruits to completely nullify unwanted odours. The EME (Electronic Molecule Evaporator) manages a constant and controlled evaporation 24 hours a day, in a clean and effective way, lasting for up to 5-6 weeks covering up to 375 m3.

Compact plug in size
Up to 6 weeks life – constant 24hr use
Essential oil based
Neutralizes within an hour of activation
Not harmful – Natural ingredient blend
Replaceable refills

The Neutralizer kit contains EME (electrical molecule evaporator) and a refill.


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