Superthrive 480ml


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Superthrive 480ml  encourages rapid root growth and helps the formation of new roots

Available on backorder

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Superthrive 480ml

Superthrive is a hugely popular additive that encourages the production of natural building blocks that are typically only produced under optimal conditions. The result of this is your plants are able to achieve their full genetic potential. Whilst all ingredients are natural and non-toxic, Superthrive is not certified as organic.

Superthrive can be combined with any nutrient line, and will also not react with pesticides making it an ideal vitamin supplement. It is safe for use in every feed and is highly concentrated meaning a little will go a long way.

  • Improved plant health,
  • Stimulated production of natural building blocks,
  • Can be used in every feed,
  • Compatible with all nutrients available on the market,
  • Does not react with pesticides.

Depending on plant species, Supethrive can be applied at a rate of ¼ tsp – 1tsp per gallon of water.


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