Can Fan RK 125 Fan 5″


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Ruck RK 125L Fan 5″ 355 m3/hour has a anti corrosive shock resistant case, it’s a quiet and powerful extractor.

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Ruck RK125L Fan 5″
Ruck RK plastic case tube extractor fans are high quality German made fans.Ruck extractor fans have an anti corrosive resistant case, are quiet and powerful and have extremely strong Swiss motors. The external rotor motor has proved its reliability for decades in rough everyday circumstances, millions of these units have been sold making them one of the most reliable, leading fan manufacturers in the world.
Ruck RK125L 5″ Fan

  • Backward curved centrifugal fan
  • 100% Voltage controllable
  • Integral thermal cut out
  • Maintenance free, long life ball bearings
  • Plastic housing
  • 51 dBA

Ruck RK Fans Specifications

  • Size 125mm Spigot
  • Cubic capacity 355 m3/h
  • Power 70 W
  • Current 0.3 A
  • Sound pressure 51 dBA

*Please note this unit does not come prewired.*


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