Root it Digital Heat Mat Thermostat
Root it Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

Root it Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

Root iT Propagator digital Heat Mat Thermostat for maximum control of your environment and maximum sucsess with your cuttings and seeds.

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Root it Digital Propagator Heat Mat Thermostat
Root It’s electronic temperature controller is compatible with all heat mats, pipe heaters and works perfectly with the Root iT Heat Mats.
The thermostat controls the temperature of heat mats evenly. It provides a steady temperature for specific plants. It has an easy plug-in operation with an illuminated indicator. Simply select the desired temperature and have control for the optimum rooting environment for maximum propagation success.

Easy to use and control
Temperature control range 20ºC to 42ºC
Controls temperature of heat mats evenly in colder/warmer than normal environments
Controls temperature of  pipe heaters in grow rooms or grow tents
Provides constant optimum temp for specific plants.
Easy plug-in operation
Indicator light
Simple to use 2 year warranty
Input 240V
Output 240V 4.2A 1Kw


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