Proactive Full Suite 1L


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Buy the full suite of proactive Nutrients in 1 Litre bottles (excluding Nano Power Powder)

Proactive nutrients, a new UK based company with over 20 years of experience in the indoor horticultural industry. We have formulated a revolutionary new nutrient range and specific regime which consists of every single element vital to plant growth, health and optimum yield. This is a simple 6 part schedule which provides everything your plants require.

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Proactive Full Suite 1 L

Our products are produced with a in depth knowledge and understanding. We are here to provide clients and end users with an exceptional service and a product line that will out perform all others.

We are very thorough regarding quality control. Closely monitored testing has been carried out in the creation of all our products. We have adapted several different trains of thought from some of the most experienced commercial growers and manufacturers of nutrients in order to come up with a unique product range which is very different from all of the others available for the indoor hydroponic market today. It’s complete enough to give you killer yields but at the same time, simple enough to be used on a commercial scale.

During testing and studies in the development of the proactive nutrient range, even with a collective range of knowledge from several very experienced people, we still learned new things as we went along and applied this 6 stage technique, then tweaked and customized formulas until we were satisfied that every single thing we have on the menu is absolutely perfect.

We are very proud of this ranger of nutrients; they are a game changer and we invite all indoor gardeners, commercial, hobby and all in between to try our range and reap the rewards of the most complete, scientifically produced and thought out nutrient range ever created for our market!

  • 1 Litre – Full proactive Suite Includes:
    All-In-One Nutrient
  • Makes from 62.5 Ltr to 125 Ltr
    Boost & Fungicide Effect
  • Makes 142 Ltr
    Root Stimulator
  • Makes 200 Ltr
    Self Defence
  • Makes 500 Ltr
    pH Water Conditioner
  • Makes 1000 Ltr
    Nano Power Powder


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