Plug In Ozone Generator
Plug In Ozone Generator

Plug In Ozone Generator

Plug In Ozone Generator Purifes and cleans the oxygen in your room eliminating odour creating bacteria fast and effectively

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Plug In Ozone Generator
The Plug In Ozone Generator is a revolutionary new way of eliminating bad odours and smells. The Ozone Generator dosent just cover up the odours but it actually eliminates the odour creating bacteria and purifies the air in the room. It clears the air in the same way that a thunderstorm does, leaving the oxygen in your room naturally clean and pure. This innovative Ozone generator produces 7mg of Oxygen per hour, destroying low level bacteria mildrew and odour pollution. The built in factory timer switches the unit on for one in every seven minutes, emmiting a safe Ozone level. The plug in Ozone generator is lightweight,robust and features an attractive carbon finish.

Eliminates bacteria
Long lasting freshness
Leaves room smelling fresh and pure
Naturally purifies and clears the air in the same way as a thunderstorm


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