Plant Magic Magne – Cal 500ml
Plant Magic Magne - Cal 500ml

Plant Magic Magne-Cal + 500ml

Abracadabra, as if by Plant Magic!!…..

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Plant Magic Magne – Cal + 500 ml
As the demand for Phosphorus and Potassium increases so does the demand for Magnesium and Calcium. It is vital to have the correct ratio which Magne – Cal + has.  Magne – Cal + works alongside the PK to aid with the uptake of these vital elements as well as giving the plant a surge of trace elements.

  • Will help stop any magnesium and calcium deficiencies
  • Strengthens the performance of any PK booster
  • Prevents nutrient lockout
  • Gives your plants a boost of trace elements

There is just the one bottle of Magne – Cal + for both the vegetative stage as well as the flowering stage.

Available in 500 ml, and 1 Litre


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