Plant It Dirt Pot 56L


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Made from porous breathable fabric, PLANT!T Dirt Pots allow your plants to thrive, promote exceptional root health and vigorous plant growth.

11 in stock (can be backordered)

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Plant !T Dirt Pot 56 L  (No Handles)

The team at Plant! it have taken the typical fabric root pruning pot design and pushed things a step further. Dirt Pots offer the same benefits as Smart Pots and Root Pouches, but they also have tabs stitched into each corner that allow you to insert bamboo canes as supports. They’re manufactured using incredibly thick, robust fabric and their square edges also allow plants to be positioned next to each other as efficiently as possible without wasting any space at the ground level, making your indoor garden as efficient as possible.

  • Pushes the fabric root-pruning concept to a whole new level
  • Air-prunes roots for a dense and fibrous radial root system
  • Eliminates root circling around the sides of the pot
  • Features square sides for the most efficient use of space
  • Comes with tabs stitched into each corner for housing support canes
  • Reduces the time it takes to develop a thick root system, speeding up veg times
  • Helps to create a root-system that is not possible in conventional pots
  • Delivers healthier plants and bigger yields
  • Made from super high-quality, thick material
  • Features tabs in each corner for adding support canes
  • Creates a super oxygenated root-zone
  • Can be folded flat for storage


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