Plagron Bat mix 50L

Plagron Batmix is a blend of the finest and carefully selected peats, bat guano and worm castings along with fibres and perlite making this 100% natural airy soil mix one of Plagron’s best sellers.

Batmix contains enough fertiliser to feed your plants for around 4-6 weeks and as bat guano is naturally rich in phosphorus and potassium it helps aid fast and healthy growth, while the worm castings enable the soil to offer superb drainage. Excellent for vegetative and flowering growth and can be used in conjunction with Plagron’s own soil feeds & boosters but will also work well with feeding ranges from BioBizz, Canna, Plant Magic and others.

Plagron Batmix isn’t a light-mix therefore not ideal and a little too strong for cuttings or seedlings and is recommended when potting up established plants who will thank you for it by displaying accelerated and healthy growth.

  • Rich in bat guano and worm castings,
  • 100% Natural,
  • Excellent drainage,
  • Ideal for established plants ready for potting up.