Philips Green Power EC 1000W (Dual Ended 400v)


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Widely regarded as the best lamps on the indoor horticultural market.

Available on backorder

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Philips Green Power EC 1000W (Dual Ended 400v)

The Philips Greenpower 1000w 400v DE lamp is probably the finest grow lamp of its kind on the market today. Having a superior output and a vastly improved life over alternative lamps of this kind, make this lamp the choice of professionals when using 1000w 400v double ended grow light fixtures.

This 1000w 400v Philips Master Green Power EL DE Lamp is also suitable for use in 1000w Gavita Pro lighting fixtures.

400v Double ended 1000w HPS lamps are more efficient than standard HPS lamps, turning more of your electricity into light. A 400v 1000w light costs exactly the same to run as the 230v system but the 400v HPS lamps produce up to 10% more light in comparison. Even noticeable to the human eye when placed side by side.

The Philips Master Green Power 400v 1000w lamps run at a cooler temperature, produce a brighter, whiter light and produce a higher yield!

  • Widely regarded as the best lamps on the indoor horticultural market,
  • Effective for 12-15 months,
  • Utilizes 400v technology on a 230 volt domestic mains supply,
  • Produces more light than traditional 1000w lamps,
  • Runs cooler than standard 230v,
  • Increased yields compared to standard HPS,
  • Delivers a broader spectrum of plant usable light – PAR,
  • Suitable replacement lamp for Gavita Pro 1000w

Tip: A HID (HPS/Metal Halide/CDM) bulb will drop approx. 30% of its lumen output within 12-14 months of continuous use. We recommend replacing every 3-6months for optimum plant growth and yield output!

This lamp is only suitable for 1000w 400v ballasts and double-ended fitting reflectors.

*PLEASE NOTE: Philips Greenpower lamps are non-returnable unless damaged on receipt of delivery and the delivery is signed for as damaged.

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