pH Buffer 4 300ml

pH Buffer 4  is a known solution of a certain pH value designed to test the accuracy of pH meters.

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pH Buffer 4  300 ml

It is important to realise that unless you calibrate your pH meters with Buffer 4 and Buffer 7 at regular intervals the accuracy of the pH readings will be doubtful. Serious loss of crop performance may result, which if allowed to continue can also result in damage to the plants. Buffers use two values of 4 and 7 pH to calibrate your pH testers as they are at the outer reaches of the range of pH where you work in hydroponics i.e. 5.5-6.5. It is not necessary to calibrate pH testers to any other value for hydroponic use as we only work in a small area of the pH scale.

When calibrating, it is a good idea to only use a small sample of buffer solution in a separate container, test the meter and then discard the solution. Discarding the used solution will prevent any contamination of the fresh solution and maintain longer life of the calibrating solution.


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