OxyPot XL


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Are you a Fan of the popular Deep Water Culture,the the  Oxypot XL grow system will help you  produce phenomenal results in a small space and use very little media and  just a handful of clay pebbles.

Available on backorder

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OxyPot XL

The OxyPot XL gives you the potential for growing much bigger plants in the ‘deep water culture’ hydroponic style.In DWC set-ups, plants are suspended in net pots directly above heavily oxygenated nutrient solution. Roots grow down into the solution and thrive without the need for huge amounts of growing medium. Stunning results can be achieved in the simplest fashion, delivering healthy, resilient plants and huge yields with very little mess or hassle.

  • Delivers huge yields, thanks to very high levels of oxygenation
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Supplied with parts for growing 1 plant, but can handle up to 3
  • Large 70 litre reservoir
  • Flip-over lid for adjustable plant height levels
  • Clean and clinical – produces very little waste
  • Manufactured from tough plastic
  • Designed with a gap for airline tubing


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