Opticlimate Pro Series 3500
Opticlimate Pro Series 3500

Opticlimate Pro Series 3500

The most complete stand alone climate system!
Cooling, heating, dehumidifying, circulating and filtering air with a single appliance.

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Opticlimate 3500 Pro Series 3
The OptiClimate water-cooled air conditioner ( 10″ Flange ) is the only true solution for indoor climate control. It cools, heats, dehumidifies, filters and circulates air.It was developed independently, resulting in a fully optimised & efficient product that controls the indoor climate perfectly while using as little energy as possible. The air in your environment is cooled using water and heated by means of ceramic heaters. The Opticlimate is so efficient it can be used to create a sealed environment and for that reason is also a very useful tool in the battle against disease and pest’s and has been proven to reduce the chance of botrytis.

Suitable for: 6 x 600W HPS Lamps
Dimensions: 870 x 580 x 405mm
Weight: 57kg
Water consumption: 1 to 2.5 liters per minute (depending on cooling water temperature)
Power: 230V
Connection: 1 Phase 3×2, 5 mm ² + D16-1F Automatic
Heaters: 2x1500W

The Opticlimate is the only product on the market that can control your environment so closely and will ensure you can provide your plants with the best possible conditions for increased and improved yields.


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