Mist Maker 5 1600ml/hr


Available on backorder

Can effectively raise humidity in your grow space,

Available on backorder

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  • Mist Maker 5 1600ml/hr 

The Mist Maker is a useful tool that produces water vapour via ultrasonic vibrations. The ceramic discs on the unit vibrate to produce a fine micron sized droplet of humidity which will be released into the air to raise humidity to within optimal range.

The Mist Maker is available in two different sizes. If the water level drops too low for the unit to operate, it will automatically switch off to prevent the unit from being damaged.

The unit itself is cool running and capable of raising humidity levels up to 100%, making it ideal for seedlings or cuttings.

  • Can effectively raise humidity in your grow space,
  • Will automatically turn off when water level is too low to function,
  • Lasts up to 2000 working hours,
  • Output of 240ml/hour.



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