MD300 3 Channel Multi-Duct NFT Kit

A kit offering the same performance as NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) but on a bigger scale and with only one nutrient tank to monitor.

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MD300 3 Channel Multi-Duct NFT Kit
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Tank Size- L,W,H): 47″ (1200mm), 27.5″ (700mm), 9.5″ (240mm) stand height: 11″ (238mm)
Channel SizeL,W,H: 64″ (1600mm), 34″ (860mm), 2″ (50mm). CHANNEL x2.
MD300 3 Channel Multi-Duct NFT Kit are NFT systems for the growers who think big! If you want the same results as the Gro Tank but want a bigger system the Multi Duct is for you. Multi Ducts are also compatible with our Auto Top Up System, the perfect solution if you wish to leave your plants for longer but still achieve fantastic results.

Tank Size – 123L.
NFT performance on a bigger scale.
Low maintenance.
Even distribution of nutrient to the plant.
Easy access to pump and nutrient.
Absence of root disease, typical in soil grown plants.
Compatible with the Nutriculture Auto Top Up System.

MD300 3 Channel Multi-Duct NFT Kit
This is probably the most popular method of hydroponic growing due to its simplicity and reliability. NFT grown plants typically produce 3 – 4x greater yield than those grown in soil. In NFT, nutrients are added to water and this solution is contained in a tank and the plants sit on a grow tray, above the tank and the nutrient solution is pumped up to the grow tray and constantly flows over the roots of your plants. Any unused nutrient solution drains into a tank ready to be passed over the roots again, later on. The nutrient solution flows over the roots as a thin ‘film’ at only 1-3mm deep. The flow is quite slow but just fast enough so that the water is in constant motion. The only growing medium used is the rockwool that the plant started in. The roots have constant access to oxygen (because very little medium is used) so you get plants that are never short of what they need.
There is a greater take up of water and nutrients because plants in NFT have constant access to nutrient solution. The more water and nutrients a plant can take-up the better the yield it will produce.

Never underfed or underwatered – This means that the plants are productive (growing) all the time.
Unrestricted access to oxygen.
Very little medium – Essential for fast growth.
Any water not needed by the plant drains away – No water-logging, so no restriction of the plant’s access to oxygen.
No nutrient build-up – any nutrients not needed drain back into the tank, so there’s no build up to potentially damage nutrient salts.
Reduced chance of disease there’s – No soil included in NFT, so you won’t have to worry about soil borne diseases.


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