Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L HW
Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L HW

Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L HW

Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L Hard Water is designed specifically for hard water areas, use through out the flowering phase.

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Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L Hard Water

Growers in hard water areas should use the special IONIC HW formulation. The Hard Water product has a distinctive HW label on the bottle. Both types of IONIC are available in Grow and Bloom formulations.
Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L HW is more acidic. This is achieved by careful selection of the component mineral salts. A more acidic solution will neutralise bicarbonates on its own. This will reduce the amount of acid needed to control the pH and thus reduce the chance of phosphate accumulation. IONIC Hard Water solution is also specially formulated to take account of the minerals, such as calcium, that are usually present in hard water. By lowering these elements in the nutrient solution it is possible to ensure that the final solution is as close as possible to ideal levels of the major elements. This will reduce the problems associated with hard water and allow the grower to maintain the tank for longer periods between changes.
Growth Technology Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L UV
Ultra Violet (UV) sterilisation is one of the most successful means to control root diseases such as Pythium in hydroponic systems. However the continuous use of UV will cause certain mineral elements to drop out of solution very quickly. For the hobby grower, with a small tank, this can cause major problems within days.
IONIC Balance UV is formulated to make up the missing elements in the same ratio that they are removed by UV. Just add Balance UV to your tank twice a week and you will be able to maintain a full mineral profile.
Hard Water Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L
Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L Hard Water is suitable for all hydroponic systems applications.

Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L HW is formulated specifically for hydroponic cultivation. They are complete in every elemental detail and balanced for precise delivery of nutrients to the plant.

Ionic Nutrients are available in standard and hard water options – in either case precisely tailored to the water supply.

Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L HW is available in Grow and Bloom options. These variations are based upon the nutritional requirements of green plants at each stage of the growth cycle. The Grow formulation is designed to maximise potential for vigorous vegetative growth while the Bloom nutrient is loaded with the crucial elements that support heavy flowering.

Ionic Hydro Bloom 1L HW has a highly stable pH due to unique reactive buffering incorporated into the manufacturing process. This reduces fluctuations in the tank and cuts down the workload for the grower.


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