Growth Technology PH Down 1L


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Orthophosphoric acid (H3PO4) for lowering the pH of water.

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pH Down (30% Phosphoric acid)  

The most popular minerals used by the hobby gardener to adjust pH are phosphoric acid (to lower pH), and potassium hydroxide (to raise pH). Growth Technology pH Down is 30%Phosphoric acid and is caustic, so please handle with care.

Both of these minerals are used in pH product’s and when used correctly are perfectly safe, although care should be taken as they can cause burns. They should also never be stored together. Always add the nutrients to the water before checking and adjusting the pH of your nutrient solution. The nutrients will usually lower the pH of the water due to their chemical make up. After adding nutrient and mixing the solution, check the pH using whatever means you have. If the pH needs to be adjusted add the appropriate pH adjuster. Use small amounts of pH adjuster until you get familiar with the process. Re check the pH and repeat the above steps until the pH level is where you want it to be. When using concentrated pH adjuster always mix with water to dilute their strength making adjustments easier.

The pH of the nutrient solution will have a tendency to go up as the plants use the nutrients. As a result, the pH needs to be checked periodically (and adjusted if necessary). As a rule you should check the pH level of your solution on a daily basis. Each system will change the pH at a different rate depending on a variety of factors: the type of growing medium used, the environmental conditions and temperature of solution, kind of plants and even the age of the plants all effect the pH variations. As a general rule of thumb, always make sure you maintain a pH range between 5.4 and 6.5 (excluding soil). As an alternative to standard pH UP you could consider using Silicon which has a very high pH. This will raise the pH of your solution plus add silicon which is beneficial for plant growth.

  • Lowers the pH of water.

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