Growth Tech Ionic Boost 1L


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Growth Technology Ionic Boost  is a nutrient supplement to be used in the last 2 weeks before the harvest.

Available on backorder

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Growth Technology Ionic Boost 1 L

Growth Technology Ionic Boost is a nutrient supplement designed to be used in the final few weeks before harvest. Boost allows the grower easy control of the extra phosphorus and potassium that can lead to bumper yields. Boost is an ideal addition to Ionic Bloom but it can also be used very effectively with any good quality nutrient solution of the Bloom variety. Ionic Boost is specially formulated to deliver the key elements phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in a pure form that is instantly accessible to the plant. These crucial ingredients are used in abundance by plants in their flowering cycle and the extra levels provided by Boost can lead to larger flowers and much heavier crops. Growth Technology Ionic Boost  is also designed to top up levels of minerals that are usually in short supply in hydroponic tanks. After analysis of hundreds of nutrient samples we have developed a very clear understanding of what plants take up, especially during the flowering cycle.

Ionic Bloom will replenish the missing elements and restore an ideal tank balance for optimum plant performance. Growth Technology Ionic Boost  is a single pack nutrient solution for Hydroponic cultivation and as such it represents a major breakthrough in the technology of soil – less cultivation. Until Ionic first appeared all serious Hydroponic nutrients were supplied as twin-packs. This is because the essential elements have a tendency to react with each other in the concentrate producing insoluble precipitates.

Growth Technology Ionic Boost is manufactured by a completely new process of nutrient manufacture that uses a series of tightly controlled reactions to produce large complex molecules which contain the essential macro elements needed for plant growth in a stable and highly soluble form. This technical breakthrough has many important implications for the Hydroponic grower.
In most cases making up Growth Technology Ionic Boost is a simple matter of adding the solution to the tank in recommended amount. There is only one liquid to worry about and it requires no mixing or shaking before use. This is a big advantage with the larger containers of solution. Nobody likes shaking 20 Litre bottles!.


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