Canna Mono Calcium 1L


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Mononutrients are essential for the development of the plant. These liquid minerals are easily soluble and can therefore be directly absorbed by the plant.

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Canna Mono Calcium 1 L 

The plant tissues are optimally stabilised by using Calcium it does this by influencing  growth hormones and regulates the transport of water and nutrients in the plant.

In addition liquid calcium can be directly absorbed by the plant, so that the cell tissue is immediately strengthened.

Calcium can also be used as a fertiliser to replenish a deficiency or as a supplementary nutrient to stimulate growth.

Our pure flower and plant additives may be the planet’s most exquisite and memorable. They are produced from exceptional ingredients just like our nutrients. All of our additives are 100% nutrient compatible.


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