BioBizz Bio Grow 1L
BioBizz Bio Grow 1L

BioBizz Grow 1L

BioBizz Bio Grow 1 L is a liquid nutrient that helps promotes healthy growth and is suitable for all soil mixtures.

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BioBizz Bio Grow 1 L 

BioBizz Bio Grow is an all natural organic grow nutrient that promotes strong healthy growth and is used in soil growing. BioBizz Bio Grow is mainly used just in the veg phase of plant development but can also be applied in the flower phase as a supplementary nutrient or plant tonic. Bio Grow is suitable for use with most soils on the market however for best results use BioBizz Bio Grow in conjunction with Bio Bloom and BioBizz’s excellent range of organic soils, Light Mix and All Mix.
How do I use BioBizz Bio Grow?
BioBizz Bio Grow can be used either by hand to manually water your potted plants or through a drip feeding run to waste irrigation system. Organic nutrients like Bio Grow will not keep once mixed with water so you must use whatever nutrient solution you mix up inside of a day.


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