biobizz biobloom 1l

BioBizz Bloom 1L

BioBizz Bio Bloom 1 L is a natural organic single part nutrient for use in the bloom phase of soil growing.

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BioBizz Bio Bloom 1 L 

BioBizz Bio Bloom is an all natural organic bloom nutrient that is used from the start of flowering until harvest. BioBizz Bio Bloom is full of natural minerals, micronutrients, amino acids, and hormones to promote strong flowers and fruit sets. BioBizz Bio Bloom can be used either by hand to manually water your potted plants or through a drip feeding run to waste irrigation system. Due to its organic natural make up BioBizz do not recommend using Bio Bloom in recirculating hydroponic systems as it just won’t really work. For best results use BioBizz Bio Bloom in conjunction with Bio Grow and BioBizz’s excellent range of organic soils, Light Mix and All Mix.
Applying BioBizz Bio-Bloom:
BioBizz Bio Bloom is an organic liquid plant food that is to be used throughout the flowering phase of plant growth. Organic nutrients like Bio Bloom will not keep once you mix with water so use whatever nutrient solution you create inside of a day. Apply Bio Bloom at a rate of 2 – 5 ml per Litre of water. 1 Litre of BioBizz Bio Bloom would make between 200 and 500 Litres of nutrient solution depending on the amount of Bio Bloom used.


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