AutoPot 12 Pot System XL


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A versatile and user friendly 12 pot Xl (25l) system.

Available on backorder

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AutoPot 12 Pot System XL 

The Autopot XL system is a versatile grow system. The multiple configurations available make it suitable for a variety of plant sizes and types. It’s perfect for perennial shrubs or seasonal flowering plants, which produce an abundance of foliage and blooms. The unique operation of the AQUAvalve allows plants to go through a dry and wet cycle. The Autopot XL system is a versatile grow system with multiple configurations. The system includes a XL tray and lid, a 25L XL plastic pot, AQUAvalves, a filter, a tap, pipes, control discs.

The Autopot XL system comprises a single plant-development module. Plants develop in the 25L pot, which sits in a tray. The nutrient solution is delivered from the Header tank via the flexi pipe, which is connected into the AQUAvalve which is found in the tray. The Aqua valve controls the watering system and automatically opens and fills the tray’s bottom up to 20mm. The AQUAvalve remains shut until the nutrient solution is used up. The Marix Disc prevents substrate or soil from falling out of the pot and the copper disc prevents roots from growing out of the pot and blocking the valve.

How to Use

Use a Header Tank with the system. Place the tray with the smart valve in the right location in your grow room. The root control disc must be placed with the metallic side up. Use high-moisture retention substrates with the Autopot system. Fill up the header tank with water. Plant the crops into the substrate and connect the flexi pipe from the header tank to the input of the AQUAvalve. Shut the cover. The AQUAvalve will deliver the nutrient solution to the tray under the pot.

  • It’s versatile, and user friendly,
  • It promotes the development of healthy and strong plants,
  • The system sustains rich root growth.


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