AutoPot 4 Pot System – 15L

An extremely versatile kit that can be used for a wide range of plant types and sizes.

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AutoPot 4 Pot System

Auto 4 Pot System is easily extended so that many pots can be linked to a single tank. Please see examples of typical layouts using 6 mm pipe or 16 mm pipe. The pots and trays can be easily moved at will, if the plants grow too large they can be spaced further apart with ease. Once set up and a tank is filled with water and liquid feed this extremely versatile system will completely take care of all your plants needs. All you need to do is remember to fill up your tank from time to time.

Aqua Valve:
The AQUA valve is supplied with all the AutoPot systems. Once connected to the water supply the AQUA valve will control the flow of water to the plants, by simple gravity pressure from a tank or water butt, no pumps, mains water pressure, electricity or timers are required. Once connected to the tank the AQUA valve will open and allow water to fill the tray, to a pre-set level of 20 mm. When the level is reached the AQUA valve will shut off and prevent any further water from entering the tray until all the water has been consumed by the plants. When all the water has been consumed and the tray is empty the AQUA valve will re-open and allow more water to enter the tray. As the plants grow larger the AQUA valve will open and close more often and will perform in accordance with the plants needs, filling the tray and then allowing it to completely empty before it is re-filled allowing the plants to go through a wet and dry cycle. At AutoPot we call this technology PCI or “Plant Controlled Irrigation”.
Auto 4 Pot System, is easy to peace together and very versatile.


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