Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mg Mix BLOOM 1L
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mg Mix BLOOM 1L

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mg Mix BLOOM 1L

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal MG Mix BLOOM 1L you’re guaranteed to give your plants EXACTLY what they need, EXACTLY when they need it to maximize their vegetative growth and bloom phases.

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Advanced Sensi Cal MG Mix BLOOM 1L
Advanced sensi cal MG Mix GROW and BLOOM 1L supplies magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum and cobalt and supplies these micronutrients in the exact ratios that plants require in order to grow as healthy as they possibly can.
The problem is: if you’re relying on your basic fertilizer program, your plants are starving for calcium. Which means you need to supplement your grow AND bloom phases with extra calcium…But if you’re using a generic calcium product, you could be wasting your money…
Doctors recommend their patients take Vitamin D along with Calcium supplements because they’ve discovered calcium pills are worthless without Vitamin D to help our bodies absorb it…Your plants function the same way…In order for them to properly absorb calcium and put it to use in their growth and bloom stages- it’s essential they’re also fed a host of other ingredients. Properly-sourced iron, magnesium, supporting micronutrients and other nutrients are essential elements any Calcium product should contain if you want to see any benefit in your crops.After extensive testing by over a dozen plant scientists and researchers at Advanced Nutrients, it was found that all the calcium supplements on the market lacked these vital co-nutrients and calcium potentiating ingredients. That’s why Advanced Nutrients invested many months into developing a more “perfect” calcium supplementation program for the types of plants we grow and the gardens we grow them in.The result is two different formulas SENSI CAL GROW… and… SENSI CAL BLOOM! GIVE YOUR PLANTS EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEED EXACTLY WHEN THEY NEED IT…Unlike other generic calcium manufacturers, the scientists at Advanced Nutrients knew for a fact that your plants need different ratios, amounts… and even… types of calcium in their grow and bloom phase.Plus, they were meticulous about sourcing only the most potent, most effective and most productive calcium potentiating co-nutrients available for SENSI CAL GROW… and… SENSI CAL BLOOM.
That’s why they developed this double-team calcium formula…

Sensi Cal Grow gives your plants the exact ratios and formulations of three types of calcium your plants desperately need during vegetative growth to ensure their root, cellular, and essential structures develop thick, strong and more readily absorb nutrients and better utilize them…

Sensi Cal Bloom contains the exact combination of calcium – three different types of calcium – that your plants need most during the all important bloom phase… along with… the other co-nutrients and calcium potentiating ingredients that ensure maximum absorption and utilization…

With this one-two punch combination of SENSI CAL GROW… and… SENSI CAL BLOOM you’re guaranteed to give your plants EXACTLY what they need, EXACTLY when they need it to maximize their vegetative growth and bloom phases.WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT WHEN YOU PUT THESE POWERFUL CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS TO WORK WITH YOUR PLANTS…Imagine walking into your grow room after using SENSI CAL GROW… and… SENSI CAL BLOOM in your next crop cycle…You’ll own a plush, productive garden where your plants grow faster than ever before… they’re bushier… they’re bigger… and they’re way more aromatic and potent.Even better is: all the other nutrients and fertilizers you’re using now are reaching their full potential with the synergistic maximizing effects of these two supplements.

Your plants mature faster and are ready for blooming earlier…

They start putting on more buds sooner…

The buds and flowers are bigger and more developed…

The plants are greener, more lush and healthier because they’re getting the right nutrients at the right time… and… in the right way…

These happy plants resist pests and diseases and give you a beautiful harvest you can be proud of… and… count on to be way more valuable…

…In fact, you might just make all your friends jealous and have them begging you to know how you got such big buds… such delicious smelling plants… and such potency out of your garden!

This product contains a full spectrum of chelated nutrients as well as five of the most important macro and micro nutrients.
It can also be used as a foliar after clones have rooted (after they have been removed from a high humidity environment).
Can be used as a foliar spray



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