Acoustic Box Fan – 1000m3h 200mm 8″


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Acoustic Box Fan 1000m3h 200 mm  8″, super silent, low vibrations and high air flow!

Available on backorder

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 Acoustic Box Fan 1000m3h 200mm 8″

Combine this with 2 of our Silencers for super silent air flow.
Hydroponics systems require a steady flow of air to carry away moisture and waste gases. A hydroponic fan also helps to keep the grow tent (or grow room) cooler, as most grow lights create a lot of heat, even led grow lights create unwanted heat energy which is best extracted from your indoor growing system. Grow room temperature control is a prime consideration when constructing an indoor growing area. These fans are also very quiet, mounted in MDF acoustic boxes. Nobody wants to hear fan noise or hum outside the grow room and you can be assured that these are among the quietest that you can buy.

Do I Need Extractor Fans For My Indoor Grow Room
It has been proven in side by side tests that whether you use a hydroponic system, an aeroponic system or even a conventional soil growing system, adequate ventilation improves the speed of growth and yield of your plants. By allowing a flow of fresh air to reach your plants while stale air is taken away, you are helping your plants to reach their potential.

  • Very good for confined spaces.
  • Box size: 400mm (H) x 360mm (W) x 370mm (D)
  • Available with any size and combination of ducting spigots ( shown 8″ 200mm)
  • Combine this fan with one of our fan controllers to have full control of your environment.

Ventilation equipment allows you to properly regulate your grow room temperature and humidity which helps to create a healthy growing environment. Temperature control problems are also vastly reduced by the proper use of extractor fans. Without suitable ventilation fans, your growing area will be more susceptible to moisture related problems such as mould, rot and parasitic infestation as well as undesirably slow growth caused by poor temperature regulation.


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