• Grow & Bloom A&B in one easy to use complete liquid formula The proactive All-In-One Nutrient Methodology... Supplies a unique combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and trace elements essential to the progress of your crop. Proactive’s unique balance in trace elements mimic plant sap and are largely under a chelated form - increasing their level of absorption, assimilability and circulation within the plant.
  • A unique composition designed and developed for commercial horticulture The proactive Boost & Fungicide Effect Methodology... Guarantees high yields and improved crop quality, while preventing and correcting sulphur deficiencies in your crop via a simple foliar application. Proactive Boost & Fungicide Effect contains high concentrations of sulphur in a selected and pure form to ensure maximum efficiency. This ready-to-use liquid is easy and safe to use with a very “soft” action on foliage.
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    Buy the full suite of proactive Nutrients in 1 Litre bottles (excluding Nano Power Powder) Proactive nutrients, a new UK based company with over 20 years of experience in the indoor horticultural industry. We have formulated a revolutionary new nutrient range and specific regime which consists of every single element vital to plant growth, health and optimum yield. This is a simple 6 part schedule which provides everything your plants require.
  • Because plain old tap water simply doesn't cut it! The proactive pH Water Conditioner Methodology... Contains two sequestering agents that will neutralize the cations of hard waters and reduce their impact on your plants. Hard water cations can lock out and prevent the uptake of nutritional elements from your reservoir while disabling active ingredients. Using proactive pH Water Conditioner will greatly reduce the negative effects of hard water - preventing the lock out of nutrients and stopping the degradation of active ingredients in your reservoir or sprayer!
  • Cram packed with Amino & Humic Acids and the unique ACRECIACTIV™ Molecule The proactive Root Stimulator Methodology... This well balanced N-P-K fertiliser, containing amino acids, humic acids (200G/L) and the ACRECIACTIV™ Molecule, will dramatically stimulate the root development of your plants. ACRECIACTIV™ is a purified compound produced naturally by plants to resist environmental stresses.

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