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13A UK Plug

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UK Plug supplied with 13 A or 3 A fuse

2000W Fan Heater

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2Kw Fan Heater with thermostat.
Heat resistant 3 core flex 0.75 mm
Ideal for wiring stuff up!
3 Core Flex 1 mm 1 M
60 ml Measuring Cup ideal for measuring hydroponic nutrients.
Hailea air ring 5″ 125 mm, High quality air stones for aerating nutrient solutions.
Aluminum foil tape 50 mm 45 M sticks to most things like shit on a blanket. Ideal for ducting, Mylar, black and white etc.
The Flexi Tank Pro comes with all the benefits of a regular Flexi Tank, but features a stronger framework that makes it feel more like a solid tank once assembled.

Bendz Pack of 50

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BendZ pack of 50 is an excellent little device that allows you to gently bend the branches of your plants.

Canna Spanner

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Canna,  trusted by thousands of growers worldwide Canna Spanner used for opening 5 and 10 L Canna nutrient bottles.
Chikamasa T552 spring loaded scissors making it easier when you come to harvest.

Showing 1–12 of 59 results

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