Brit Crops Hydroponics, the best hydroponics equipment online and in store

At Brit Crops, you can buy all your hydroponic equipment either online or from our Portsmouth hydroponics shop. And because we are a real shop with a stockroom packed with top quality hydroponics supplies, we stock everything you’ll need for a successful home growing system, including indoor grow room kits, grow tents, grow tanks, grow lights, HPS & MH bulbs, hydroponic fans, PH meters, EC meters, hygrometers, and other quality growing equipment.

Why Buy from Brit Crops Hydroponics?

We know that when it comes to buying hydroponics equipment, you have a choice of supplier, and yes, we know that includes eBay. What we offer is a complete service, from your very first question, to the last box we deliver to your door.

Here’s five good reasons why buying your hydroponics kit from us can save you time and money:

  • Established hydroponics business with bricks and mortar store established in 2009 – you know where to find us!
  • Friendly helpful advice always available – Ask Our Experts, call us, pop in for a chat to our Hampshire hydroponics shop, or email us
  • Quality hydroponics equipment that lasts for years, not cheap imports or unbranded goods
  • Discounts on hydroponic supplies and kit for large orders or for commercial growers.
  • Full money back guarantees and clear returns policy

Hydroponic Supplies from Brit Crops Hydroponics

At our online hydroponics shop, you’ll find the best supplies and consumables for healthy plant growth and a bumper yield.

Our range of grow mediums include Rockwool, Coco (coir), clay pebbles, Perlite, Plagron soil’s and Canna soil’s.

Our range of nutrients, additives and boosters includes world-famous products by Canna, House and Garden, Advanced, Plant Magic, Canadian xpress, Vitalink, Atami, Ionic and GHE.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponic gardening is the perfect way to grow plants indoors with no mess, no fuss and maximum growth results. In a hydroponic system, you grow plants in soil-free media such as rockwool or clay pebbles, and add exactly the right balance of nutrients and additives your plants need to flourish. Hydroponic plants grow faster, you can grow more of them in a smaller space, and they are generally healthier too.

More questions? See our hydroponics FAQ page.